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Information Passport Canada has been in a sustained period of growth since 2001, as more and more Canadians have applied for passports for international travel. At our offices throughout Canada and in Headquarters, our work impacts every day on Canadian citizens. To reflect this impact and the importance of the service that we provide, we are pleased to introduce our new name: Passport Canada.

Passport to travel to the United States Though passports are the document of choice for travel, Canadian citizens do not currently require a passport to travel to the United States. However, Passport Canada encourages Canadians who are considering traveling outside Canada to obtain a passport, as it is the most widely accepted proof of Canadian identity and citizenship.

Passport Applications Inside Canada

Passport Application for Adults 16 years of age and older

Passport Application for Children under 16 years of age

Passport Applications for Canadians residing in the United States

Passport Canada encourages all Canadians applying from the United States to pay attention to the instructions given with the passport application.

Passport Application for Adults in the US

Passport Application for Children in the US

Passport Applications for Canadians residing overseas

Passport Application for Adults abroad

Passport Application for Children abroad

Note: The processing of your application form may be delayed if your form is incomplete or if you do not submit all the necessary documentation.


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