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Canadas citizenship and immigration programs help build a community of citizens respected throughout the world. Visit the web site often for up-to-date information about services.

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Proof of Citizenship: Were you born in Canada? Is one of your parents Canadian? Were you landed in Canada before 1947 (e.g., as a war bride)? Do you need proof of your Canadian citizenship?

If you were born in Canada, you are probably a citizen. You may also be a Canadian citizen if you were born outside Canada to a Canadian parent. If you were landed in Canada before 1947, you may have automatically become a Canadian citizen (e.g., war brides automatically became Canadians on January 1, 1947). Find out more about Canadian citizenship by clicking on the title.

Applying for Citizenship: Canadians are proud of their citizenship. Canadians value the rights and freedoms, and accept the responsibilities, of citizenship. Are you a permanent resident? Have you lived in Canada for three years or more? You may be ready to become a Canadian citizen.

Dual Citizenship: Every country decides who it considers to be a citizen. Dual citizenship is when you are recognized as a citizen by more than one country. You do not apply for dual citizenship and there is no certificate.


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