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The Canada Pension Plan can provide you with a monthly retirement pension and other benefits. For more information and frequently asked questions, please visit the website.

Click on the following links to access relevant web pages with further information. All web pages will open in a new browser window.

Canada Pension Plan Retirement Application General information and application form

Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions This website allows you to view and print your CPP Statement of Contributions.

Canadian Retirement Income Calculator The Canadian Retirement Income Calculator is designed and operated as a secure service to ensure the privacy of any personal information entered.

Child Rearing Dropout If you have children born after December 31, 1958, you may be able to increase your CPP benefit by applying for the Child Rearing Drop-out Provision. For more information on this provision and how to apply, please visit the website.

Pension Sharing Sharing your pension if you are married or common-law can mean tax savings in many cases. Married or common-law partners who are together (not separated or divorced), who are both at least 60 years of age, and who receive Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement pensions can share their pension benefits on the portion of the benefit earned during their time together. If only one is a CPP contributor, they share that one pension. The overall benefits paid do not increase or decrease with pension sharing.

Income Securities For a complete listing of all Income Securities programs, as well as how to apply and requirements, please visit our Income Securities section.


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